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Electric Mini Land Camper Pickup Truck Adult Two Door Pickup Truck Car Mobil
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Price.Harga : $ 5,926 - $ 6,495 (Price does not include postage.Harga belum termasuk ongkir/ongkos kirim)
Payment.Pembayaran : Paypal (
Variation : FOB no Battery,FOB with battery
Jiuang Mini electric pickup truck good quality
Jianguang's newest adult two-door pickup truck is more convenient to use in the city.

Customer service
1. Each product has different optional configuration, we can prepare quotation and give professtional suggestion according to your inquiry.
2. In Europe our product warranty time is 2 years. 3. Product photos are taken professionally. Due to factors such as lighting and shooting angle, there may be some deviations from the actual product, please understand.
4. If you have any questions when receiving the goods, please contact us online or welcome to visit our website to contact sales.
1. Customs fees, import taxes, VAT and port of destination fees are not included in the price and shipping.
2. Products will be shipped to your country's base port by sea or landlocked country's capital city. Please provide consignee information before delivery (company/person, address, telephone).
3. If you need door-to-door delivery, Please provide your city name, zip code and detailed address so that we can verify door-to-door delivery and on time.
4. Because shipping by sea, please inform your email address, we will send invoice and Please pay according to our invoice information.

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